19th century drawing compass
Frank Furness during the Civil War
FFRD at the Railroad District Historic Marker ceremony

About Us

FFRD was established to recognize and celebrate the historical and cultural significance of the three railroad structures along the Christina River in Wilmington, Delaware.

FFRD looks to encourage genuine excitement and enthusiasm in the local community by recognizing the unique and historic value of the Wilmington Railroad Station (1907-1908) and the cluster of Frank Furness railroad architecture at the Riverfront. We have, and will continue to provide a series of events and educational promotions that extend our message to an ever widening circle of school age children and the public at large. FFRD is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, governed by a Board of Directors consisting of public, private and nonprofit representatives.

Our Executive Committee (pictured below): Jim Tevebaugh, Carolyn Roland (and Joe Boardman, Amtrak CEO), Mary Anne Eves, and J. Harry Feldman at the ribbon cutting for FFRD exhibit in Biden Station.
FFRD Executive Committee at exhibit ribbon cutting in Biden Station

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