Notice of change in schedule for Peninsular Railroad from 1863.
FFRD Volunteers setting up the Student Art Exhibit at the Wilmington Train Station.

Community Outreach - Home for the Holidays

FFRD once again opened up the Wilmington Train Station for an "open house" on December 7, 2008.

The event featured model train displays, food, choral and other musical entertainment and holiday craft vendors, as well as a re-enactor who brought architect Frank Furness back to life.

Images of the event can be seen below. Click on any image for a larger view.

A model Amtrak train. A father and his daughter enjoy the festivities. Handmade crafts were on display and for sale.
Bluewinkle from the Wilmington Blue Rocks poses with some visitors. The station was adorned with decorations including this Christmas tree. The delicious food was enjoyed by all.
Jim Tevebaugh and other members of FFRD took a moment to model their new FFRD t-shirts. Santa Claus brought joy and merriment to children of all ages. A young train enthusiast enjoying the historic station.
Frank Furness takes a moment to pose for a photo with a guest. Our guests couldn't help by smile with the fun to be had. Mother and daughter take time out of the festivities to pose for a photo.
Families, including the school-age children, enjoyed the history on display. FFRD and AIA Delaware worked closely together to make the event a success. The Elementary Workshop Montessori School had a great information table.
The displays and reenactors were the point of many conversations. Ornaments of Hope on display. Ornaments of Hope on display.
Finding interest in the "Vietnam Mailbag" book. Volunteers from the Wilmington & Western Railroad answered discussed their passion for railroads. A model Pennsylvania RR locomotive.
Wilmington & Western railraod conductors answered questions and sparked conversation. Bluewinkle and members of FFRD. Smiles were evident all around the train station.
A model railroad conductor hard at work. Frank Furness points to the camera. Fun was available for everyone.
A Wilmington & Western Railroad volunteer. Frank Furness. A young boy enjoys a hot dog courtesy of FFRD.
Carolyn Roland of FFRD takes a moment to pose for the camera. Children signing the train station's centennial banner. Kids loved the interaction with a "real" historical figure.
Home for the Holidays was a true family event. Handmade crafts on display. A band was available entertaining guests at the event.
Posing in front of the station's Christmas tree. Watching intently as a model train passes. The Wilmington & Western Railroad banner.
Frank Furness models an FFRD t-shirt. An antique Wilmington station plackard. The new Friends of the Furness Railroad District banner unveiled.
Frank Furness poses with the string trio. A string trio filled the station with wonderful music. Any fashion accessory goes perfectly with an FFRD t-shirt, including a Christmas tie.
The Wilmington Train Station echoed harmonies from a local choir. Fancy footwork. Even members of FFRD hosting the event were able to take time to enjoy the entertainment.

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