Notice of change in schedule for Peninsular Railroad from 1863.
FFRD Volunteers setting up the Student Art Exhibit at the Wilmington Train Station.

Community Outreach - Upcoming Events

The meaningful work of Friends of the Furness Railroad District continues into the future. We have a number of exciting event and programs that are currently in the planning stages. Interested? Join us as we move from idea to realization.

Student Activity Book - We are working with students from Archmere Academy to put together an activity book for children.
Jim Tevebaugh, Mr. Terry Newitt and his class working on the activity book.

Pictured above from right to left are Jim Tevebaugh, teacher Mr. Terrry Newitt, and members of his class.

Walking Tour Pamphlet - This pamphlet describes the history and architectural character of the three-building District, allowing people to experience them up close. The pamphlet is availablae for download HERE

Stay up to date with FFRD happenings with our online calendar below:

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