Notice of change in schedule for Peninsular Railroad from 1863.
FFRD Volunteers setting up the Student Art Exhibit at the Wilmington Train Station.

Community Outreach - Distinguished Visitors

FFRD has enjoyed hosting and working with some very distinguished visitors who share in the value and vision of promoting railroads as a national treasure.
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On October 29, 2011, the National Railroad Historical Society listened to a presentation provided by FFRD President, Jim Tevebaugh.

Members of the NRHS gather to listen to the presentation. Members of the NHRS listen to the FFRD presentation. Jim Tevebaugh gives a talk to members of the NRHS.

FFRD was on-hand on March 19, 2011 when Amtrak's Wilmington Train Station was officially renamed the Joseph R. Biden Jr. Railroad Station in honor of the vice president.

FFRD welcomes visitors to the renaming ceremony. U.S. Senator Chris Coons of Delaware speaks at the ceremony. Vice President Joe Biden prepares to make some remarks at the ceremony.

On October 22, 2010, the B&O Railroad Historical Society was welcomed to the B&O Water Street station by ING Direct COO, Jim Kelly, to hear a presentation provided by FFRD President, Jim Tevebaugh. The restoration of the Water Street Station was funded by ING.

Crowd awaiting presentation. Jim Kelly, COO of ING Direct, addresses the crowd. Jim Tevebaugh makes presentation.

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